Once more..

I KNOW that Google Plus is closing and leaving Blogger on its own, but does that mean I have to deal with writing blogs, losing them and disappointing the very few readers I have? I should think not 😱

Twice now I've written and lost blog posts that were lengthy and almost finished... I'm very unhappy about it, but since I'm financially challenged, I don't really have an alternative at the moment!

Anyways, I'm going to move on and let bygones be bygones! How are you fine people this evening? I'm doing better. I have to admit I had a talk with my best friend Jesus this afternoon! Long story short I asked old Hey-Seuss if I could PLEASE receive some of my blessings soon🌺 I'm extremely happy to report that the request was received timely, and answered prayer commenced. Amen, cause I was getting a little stressed, I must say. Just a reminder about the power of prayer my friends. 

When in doubt... bow your head. Ask & Ye SHALL RECEIVE. Seek & Ye SHALL FIND. The 2 most important bible scriptures, in my humble opinion! 

Ok.. sorry (I'm not sorry)to get all preachy, but Our God IS an awesome God. 

Ok, back to the news about this blog!

I've got a workshop coming up which is a sort of precursor for happiness. 
It's for anyone who is struggling with loving and/or forgiving themselves. You cannot be happy with guilt, hatred towards oneself or others, or any grudges. These feelings have got to go out the window before you can be free. 
Once you've let them go you can pursue your you-ness & learn to be content. 

If you are interested, please stay tuned for the announcements! I'll be offering a 75% introductory offer that will NOT last 😱
I plan to announce the details before the end of the month. 

As always.. thanks for stopping by! 
~ Serenity 


Well folks..

Here goes.. I’m struggling with my positivity now..
I lost my job, I need rent money and not finding another job fast enough. I KNOW it will all work out in the end, but I struggle with anxiety as you all know. 
Seasonal Depression on top of this has got me down. I’ve started a GoFund me, however I’ve only ever gotten one hit on my GoFund me for my Underground Homeless Initiative so we shall see.. 
Have a good day, 

My GoFund me...



Is life SCARY?

Yes.. of course life is intimidating at times.             EVERYONE’s! We aren’t born with all of the answers & then when we think we have started figuring things out, we get resistance from those all around us who (of course) have completely different ideas about life.