Happy Monday

Good morning!
    I ended up working last night, so no shampoo yet. I'm going to try to get the shampoo and conditioner made today, I'm ready to see how it turns out! It's the first attempt.
   I can't find the ingredients for my laundry soap, to post.
I'll have to quit being lazy and watch and edit the videos! 
   Have a fantastic week.. And remember to stay positive and smile :) Positivity is just as contagious as negativity. 
   I may fall back asleep for a while.. I'm actually off for 2 days!!



Here is the Bug-off recipe.

Good morning!
   Today I'm sharing my insect repellent recipe. Unfortunately, I didn't get video of this process. Next time, when I do my big batch for distribution to the homeless, I will record.

Back to Basics <Bug-Off!>
1 cup basic conditioning lotion.
<see recipe later>
10 drops Pennyroyal oil
4 drops eucalyptus oil
4 drops lemongrass oil
Mix together.
Rub lotion into skin.

Please leave a review and pictures of your finished product!

Later, I'm going to make homemade shampoo & conditioner, since it's my day off=]



Off to a good start.


Happy people! How is everyone this evening? I'm just checking in real quick to say that things are coming along nicely. This page is pretty boring now, but soon there will be plenty to post, I promise! 

If anyone is interested in blogging for please email me using the form below ⚘




Nighty night...

Goodnight sweetheart,'s time to go.
Anyways, I hope to have a lot more to post about very soon. And pics.. My camera needed a battery charger, I waited weeks for it to arrive. The battery is no good! Now I must order a battery as well, such is life.
Patience is a virtue I'm finally learning.


Being Grateful

There's just something about being sick that makes me grateful for the regular days. After struggling with anxiety & depression my whole life, and being in chronic pain since age 30 it's easy to take my health for granted. Until I have the flu, or a kidney stone that is! I'll take my issues, please.. so long as this new stuff will just go away. We all have our ailments or diseases, and it's easy to be bitter, but hey, I'm alive and able to work again. Our bodies weren't meant to last forever like our souls.
Have a great day,


My newest creation..

    I am pleased to present my homemade  bug repellent. A few days ago I made it from Pennyroyal leaves, coconut oil, vitamin E oil & a coconut lotion base. I also used a lemon verbena scent additive. A friend and I used just a small amount with great results, the other day at the park after dark.

    Next up, I am going to order at least a dozen containers to put this in and it will be added to my stash of supplies waiting to be delivered to the homeless!


My True Path..

     If I've learned anything, it's this:
Life IS NOT that hard when you find your flow and follow your path.
That being said...
     When/if things become TOO difficult again, that's your mind, body, & soul saying 'hey, it's time to take a detour'!
     Some of us had to endure soooo much, for our entire lives, that when things get too rough we just keep on struggling because we don't know any different.
     I KNOW now, that when you are living an authentic life.. realizing YOUR destiny and YOUR dreams; everything else falls into place. 🎈
     We were not MEANT to be unhappy  & miserable.. and we CAN change things!
     I've been trying to decide something myself lately. And, just due to the fact that I've become stressed out more frequently &  have been in a lot of pain again, I've realized that it is time to make a left turn... so to speak.
     On my day off tomorrow, I'm going to do some soul searching in nature. Preferably around water; and some earnest praying. I want to be sure make the right decision.
       Have a great night!

~Serenity 💕

Under Construction!

Good Morning, 

  The joys of the dreaded, first post of a new blog..
Hmmm. This is my 3rd blog/website, and this time nobody is shutting me down or stealing my devices, so I'm here to stay! 
  Welcome, I have a ton of interests, so hopefully you can find something to look at =]
  Stay tuned 💕