My True Path..

     If I've learned anything, it's this:
Life IS NOT that hard when you find your flow and follow your path.
That being said...
     When/if things become TOO difficult again, that's your mind, body, & soul saying 'hey, it's time to take a detour'!
     Some of us had to endure soooo much, for our entire lives, that when things get too rough we just keep on struggling because we don't know any different.
     I KNOW now, that when you are living an authentic life.. realizing YOUR destiny and YOUR dreams; everything else falls into place. 🎈
     We were not MEANT to be unhappy  & miserable.. and we CAN change things!
     I've been trying to decide something myself lately. And, just due to the fact that I've become stressed out more frequently &  have been in a lot of pain again, I've realized that it is time to make a left turn... so to speak.
     On my day off tomorrow, I'm going to do some soul searching in nature. Preferably around water; and some earnest praying. I want to be sure make the right decision.
       Have a great night!

~Serenity 💕

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