Are you on Autopilot?

     Really. Are you stuck on Autopilot? Automatically doing the same thing, day after day.. are you used to it? You probably hate it, but it's your <un>comfort zone, you're unhappy safe place. Maybe it's all you know?  However, your inner self knows better, even if you don't realize it. It reminds you, eats at you.. nagging. 'Hey, I want more, I deserve better'.

     Why are you still ignoring it? You KNOW it's true. You KNOW that things don't feel right. Years of insults and letdowns, perhaps abuse, has kept us ALL down. Look around... It's not just 'poor you', it's poor everybody.
      Humans have evolved alright, into a huge stressed out, hopeless, confused mess! Of course it's every man for himself when there is no love for oneself. Happiness starts with forgiving yourself, then others; loving yourself, so you may then love others.

     World Peace IS possible... if we'd let go of Hate, Racism, Judgement. For the Love of God! We all came from the same Creator. We are all brothers & sisters, and are meant to love one another, not fight.

      Too many 'Influencers' are promoting their own agendas. They are idolizing their own greed, power.. whatever. And we all follow the Leader. Well, there are many standing up to the MADNESS, and we aren't falling for it.
      Let's follow a peaceful path.; a love-filled life; a simpler, easier existence.

Anything else is just too much for me anymore. I'm not the judge, the jury or God, and neither are you. I'm not perfect, I've made so many mistakes.. so have you. I'm not gorgeous, skinny, brilliant or rich. But, it just doesn't matter anymore! Love. Love is all that matters. When you realize it, everything else seems ok.

One small step forward, every day.. is all it takes to change patterns.

~Love, Serenity <3

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