We are all susceptible. Life is hard...if you manage to figure out how to be happy, remember, momma said there'd be days like this. I just try to remember that tomorrow is another day. Breathe in, Breathe out.. and most importantly, to hold my tongue. It's hard, soooo hard sometimes.

     Response really does make all the difference in a situation though. Try as I may, I cannot be all positivity and light all the time.

       Music. That's what I turn to, nowadays. I have playlists everywhere, and I've started a routine of listening to my Inspiration playlist when I'm getting ready for work; my chill one when I'm stressed; Old School when I'm feeling down and so-on. When all else fails, I need a MetalVention! There's always a local metal show going on somewhere =]
Anyways, have a wonderful weekend!!

  • ~Serenity 💚

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