Rainy days off..

    Good afternoon. It's another rainy day off for me. I don't mind rain and storms, when it's not freezing cold out.

     I used to love the rain, but, nowadays my fibromyalgia doesn't agree. I definitely feel the rain in my muscles.
    This autumnal day is a reminder that winter will be here soon. I DISlike that. Each year I lean closer to moving to a nice, warm beach 🌴 somewhere.
'I just wanna see some Palm Trees'. =]

My daughter and her man, Choosing Happiness!

    My daughter moved in with her boyfriend about a week ago. I was renting a room from her! 

    Its really quiet now... I've never lived alone. I must admit its kind of nice in some ways, but I really miss her. So, I'm currently looking for a new place in about a month or two.
Fun times. 

     I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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