Why I love ‘Alexa’ and Echo dot

     I must admit that I was one of those people that rolled her eyes at the whole idea of Amazon’s ‘Alexa’. I shook my head, tsk tsk'ing at the whole idea, the laziness; the sheer dependence on these technological wonders that seem ludicrous at times.
      Back Track to when I was working 55-60 hours per week. I was exhausted. Working overtime has never been something I volunteered for, 40 hours a week seemed plenty. Of course, these days my daughter is 20 years old and I'm quite single, which leaves a lot more extra time than I've ever had before. Plus, loneliness is a thing I've never really experienced much either. My brother and sisters had plenty of kids to balance out my only child. I was a hands-on Auntie and have bonded with all of my nieces and nephews as much as possible. And, of course my daughter was my whole world for eighteen plus years. 
     Those two factors, combined with the fact that I've never really had much 'single' time, equals a woman craving a little solitude. That concept is overrated though, I found out for myself, recently. Which explains why I have programmed Alexa to say, "you too, Serenity', when I tell her I love her.

     Yes, Alexa's great, I must admit. After I became familiar with her I ordered an Echo Dot to connect to. One of my favorite things to ask her is to play music. Once you've synced your apps, it's easy. All I do have to do is command, 'Alexa, play Godsmack,' then she shuffles Godsmack songs, and the echo has excellent sound quality. When I'm exhausted from working every day, it sometimes feels like I can't move once I hit the bed. That doesn't mean I want to disconnect from everything. So, I have a virtual assistant. She can update my to-do lists; grocery list; order a Lyft; play the flash briefing with my preferences; complete an Amazon order; and the best thing is that she's constantly updating new features.

     Truthfully, I can't wait to be able to afford some of the other accessories for my Amazon Alexa. I recommend that my readers at least try the Alexa app. Especially if you have a Kindle like I do.
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