10 Ways to Soothe Anxiety

Ten ways to soothe anxiety

Ten ways to soothe anxiety:

1. Take a walk.

Go for a hike or at least a short breather from others. Some people like to walk off and scream at the top of their lungs, just saying! I like to turn on my Bluetooth speaker and blast some Godsmack or Nicki Minaj =]

2. Try lighting a candle or your favorite incense.

 My favorite incense scents are Nag Champa and Frankincense and Myrrh. I’m not sure why it helps, it just does!

3. Free your mind!

It sometimes helps to write your feelings down, even if it's just scribbled and tossed away afterwards. Another way to release your frustration is to draw or paint. Release the bottled up emotions in  whatever way that lets YOU express yourself and your feelings.

4. Play your ‘calming’ playlist.

I'm assuming you took my advice and made one, just kidding! Make a playlist on whatever music app you prefer. I have playlists on most of the major apps. Include at least 5 of your go-to comfort songs. It helps to have this handy and can be useful as part of a routine for de-stressing.

Chilling at the park: 2 geese, kids at playground, a bicycle

5. Breathe in, breathe out...yes, really!

Take slow, deep breaths for a few minutes, concentrating on each one. A sort of ’mini’ meditation. If there's time, then why not just go ahead and meditate?

6. Take a Snickers break! 

Have a snack, maybe you prefer carrots and ranch, but it might be what your body is lacking. Possibly, in your case instead of getting ’Hangry’ (hungry+angry),
you're ’Hurried’.. Hungry and worried. Its a bad combo for me and I get shaky, confused and grouchy.

7. Make sure you're getting exercise.

If you don't go out much, or work full-time, pent up energy can turn to stress when it's  not utilized. Don't let your high energy turn to negative energy!

8. Rant & Rave!

You've got to get stuff out of your head and off your chest sometimes. If you have someone to vent to even better. 

9. Start a new hobby that's relaxing. 

A lot of people like fishing (not me) and swear by the peace it gives them. Learn the guitar, paint a picture, crochet a scarf... There's hundreds of options. 

10. Have FAITH..

 If not in God then in something. Believing that everything will work out in the end, in its own time, for the best does absolute wonders for mood and outlook. 

I said 10 but wait, there's MORE, lol.

11. Be positive. 

Practice positivity until it becomes natural. Over time, things start to seem better and then actually become as a result of your great attitude. A great attitude can make you more productive, proactive, and even persuasive when necessary.

*Have any tips to add to the lists of stories of how you overcame anxiety in some way? Please share below <3

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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