Don't get it twisted! The TRUTH about Happiness.

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Don't get it Twisted!
Don’t worry be happy now
The TRUTH about Happiness
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I never said I had it all figured out. Some days I feel like a lone (disillusioned, delusional) ranger. My former self creeps in, and on those days, she spins a completely different tale than the don't worry, be happy mantra that Miss Serenity proclaims.

Here's some of her (billie's) cynical spiel:

‘Happiness is an illusion’.
‘My office coworkers can’t possibly be happy, they’re faking it’.
”Billie (talking to self), of course, you won’t be happy! your life's been hard.. You don't know how”.
She was ok with being a doormat
(in fact, it was almost encouraged). A wise man once sang... ’the more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. RIGHT? Yeah...ahah’!
After 40 years of this bullshit, she gave up the ghost, and [the new and improved version] Serenity emerged with a sunnier mind and the resolve to be peaceful and the strength to dodge a stalking SHADOW if she needed to.

So, you see... I never said it was this simple process and then suddenly, BAM! presto-chango all perfect now.

It takes perseverance and faith in a brighter tomorrow to retrain your thought processes. For example, every single utterance of ’I hate my life’ must be immediately corrected with a positive sentiment. Such as, ”just kidding, I don't hate my life”, or later on in the journey, “no, I actually love my life”!

Think about it though, it can’t be as hard as the intensely negative discontent, peppered with incessant complaining  while carrying a heavy burden of stress and anger...which isn't a picnic by any means. 

The Moral of the Story?

Sometimes you have got to give yourself a tune-up, an attitude adjustment, and a million pep talks. 
Most importantly, you’ve got to decide you’re worth at least as much as your car is; you pay dearly for the repairs, upkeep, and fees for IT.. we all know that ONE person who neglects the tires, never checks the fluids, and half the time doesn’t have tags/insurance.
When you neglect and overlook YOUR fine-tuning, you're sputtering and stalling, with smoke coming out of your ears, going slower and looking rough, just like that poor car! 

•Be Kind, Rewind... and refresh your brain’s  ’browser’.

•Be a HERO in your own life story.

•Be authentic. Find and Embrace your YOU’ness.

•Don’t procrastinate. Today IS the first day of the rest of your life. 

•Don’t be afraid to walk away from negative situations and/or persons.

•Don’t be Afraid to be Alone. In some cases you need solitude for a while; your circle might need to be redefined or taught how to treat the new you, [the one who has boundaries and doesn’t allow disrespect or abusive behavior].

Best Wishes to you!

Please comment and Share if you find anything I said even remotely insightful or interesting;)

~ Serenity

*Song Lyrics are from: The Offspring’s song ’self esteem’.
[’the more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. RIGHT? Yeah..ahah’]

Always forgive, never forget, always nice forward leaving past behind

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