Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace. Episode 1

Choosing Happiness
October 30th, 2018

Hello friends🦋

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Just a note about how unhappy people and the negative energies will try to intercept your happiness.

☀️I recently quit my full-time job due to the overwhelming negativity fueled by gossip, and then false rumors about myself that I wasn’t made aware of until now. I didn’t get involved with the name trashing or boss bashing, which apparently made me a target. Stress was getting to me, I was sick all the time and even having chest pains a lot. So I chose to preserve my  happiness and positivity and left.
💕About twenty applications later,  and a couple of interviews.. even a week at a job that was so ridiculous that I continued looking for another, guess who started leaving me voicemails? The place I’d walked right out of, about 6 weeks ago! Turns out if I’d have stayed a week longer things would have been different, the real truth started to come out and most of the “problem” employees were gone.
👣Anyways, back to the point. I agreed to go back as a server, no more part-manager drama.. thanks. Today I went in, completed my application and was immediately asked by the shift manager, if I would be able to work with so and so (again, I'm not a hateful gossiper so no names) because she wasn’t aware that we didn’t get along.
👀I simply stated that I wasn’t the one who had been lying, I had nothing to hide, so that I would be able to work just fine, cause I have no guilt inside=] If this other person has a problem.. it’s STILL her problem. She started the conflict, had I been so bad her coworkers wouldn’t be asking me to come back. I’m a great asset to their company..Bottom Line.
👣The moral of the story is this: there are ALWAYS going to be negative people around and you may not be able to walk away from it, for instance, in the workplace. However, if you maintain your status quo.. it’ll dissolve in your favor one way or the other. I promise. I will keep you updated!
💡We’ll call this episode one of OVERCOMING NEGATIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE!
Hey.. that’s actually not a bad idea!
Let’s do it=]
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