Sweaters, and pants, and clothes everywhere... Oh my!

A waterfall after lots of rain.
Waterfall after all the rain.

Hello there,

As a result of starting a charitable organization, and taking donations in my home, it’s getting a little crowded! I have tons of clothes, well.. not just clothes, there are blankets, coats, shoes, & hygiene supplies. Tubs and crates all sizes, filling up an entire closet and then some, stashed behind the recliner and in every nook and cranny!

This is normal to me in a way, since I’ve had a few hoarders in my family growing up. Me, well I’m collecting for the homeless and needy. I found something amusing the other day so I thought I would share. 

I  MYSELF... need clothes in a serious way. Not that I had many left after the previous year I had, but I’ve gained weight causing most of what I had to shrink I guess ;) just kidding! Anyways, back to the point. I have very few selections in my closet that are what I'd call fun or comfortable. I buy a clearance top if I go somewhere, or try to get to a thrift store occasionally and that's how I get by.

A funny thing happened the other day, a friend asked me a question while I was sorting donated clothes by size and organizing. "Why don't you sell some of those name brand clothes or the ones with tags?" he had asked. My response was, "I can't do that! They aren't my clothes, they were donated to those who need them." He didn't really get it since I was broke and trying to sell things on LetGo, so I elaborated. I explained that wouldn’t feel right about that since it seemed dishonest and that wasn’t the purpose for them. 

It occurred to me later, when I was complaining about my outfit on the way to a city event, that a lot of people would probably go through and keep the clothes that fit them. If they needed clothes that is, they might. And admittedly, when someone donated about 6 pairs of black leggings, I did keep a pair.

The thing that made me laugh was thinking of the piles of clothing, which remained all over my living room waiting to be sorted, while not 20 minutes later I’m saying, “I don’t have any clothes!” I started cracking up. So, long story, well, not so short,  I’ve been stuck for a while trying to decide which direction and style I am going to use for my blog. And here we go, since I don't have a circle to recount my musings, I made it a blog post <3 Does that mean you are my new circle? I guess that’s another whole blog post. 

Love to all, 
Be happy.. let the bad crap go.
Let the blessings flow🦋


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