Ten ways to form a good habit

Ten ways to form a good Habit:

Turn positive things into new habits!

Ten Steps to form a new habit!

  1. Identify the habit you would like to have (make sure it’s realistic)
  2. Decide the who, what, when, where & how's that are involved...for instance how often you should engage in the activity
  3. Take your first step. No matter how big or small, all things begin with a step
  4. Make reminder notes, set alarms, or mark your calendars for
  5. Don't procrastinate, or underestimate the importance of making positive changes
  6. Don’t stand yourself or your future up; you deserve it
  7. Enjoy your new routine
  8. Be proud of your decision to adopt newness into your life
  9. If you forget about it or have put it off… Restart from the beginning
  10. Learn from the process, realize how easy it really was… then start thinking about the next ’Habit’ you'd like to have
Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it

What got me thinking about this was my own new Frosty habit! Wendy’s is right at the end of my street and I walk everywhere, so I started stopping in for a frosty on the way to work. It didn’t take very long before I was stopping in every day for a Medium Chocolate Frosty, and staff started to know me. That’s how easy something small can turn into a pattern...

Wishing you all a great day🦋

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