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Why you need playlists
Music is essential to life

Music can help in times of sorrow and times of stress. Songs can help you smile and inspire you.

Why you should create your playlists right now!

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.

Music makes the world go round!

Call them muses, prophets, teachers or healers, our favorite singers, and musicians are speaking our language. They affect us in wonderful ways that we can’t always explain.

Why you need more than one or two playlists.

One 800 song playlist is a bit much. You’ll never make it halfway through, so those songs are just never heard again.
We have many moods.. well, I do, maybe you don’t. I’m multifaceted!! I have a playlist that I play every day when I start to shower and get ready for my workday. After several months it’s become a great habit that lets me focus on preparing to leave. I sing along which gets me pumped. I don’t get distracted because I’m going through the motions of an established routine.

I have another playlist which I use for positivity. In that past I would play it only for me. Lately, if a friend or family member is bitching and complaining excessively I turn on the Happy music. It gets everyone in a better mood, and I don’t get brought down by the negativity.

A couple more reasons you need a playlist

Romantic Foul:

The pretty girl you’ve had a crush on finally comes over. You just wanna play some romantic background music, but the next thing you know she fell asleep bored.. because you kept messing with your phone trying to find the right tunes!

Party Foul:
You’ve spent tons of time and cash at the party, so many people have shown up, it’s getting crowded. The only regret? You should have hired a real DJ. Cousin Vinny swore he wouldn’t drink too much and slack off but he’s wasted and stopping songs halfway through! Did he really just play that same song you’ve always hated??
Emotional Foul:
It’s been a rough week, you just got some bad news.. you’re home alone with nobody to vent to. You end up crying yourself to sleep because you couldn’t take your mind off of things.
I have the perfect playlist for the above situations plus many more. It’s convenient, easy to do, and helps me so much!
Here are a few of my essentials:
  • Inspirational/ Motivational (upbeat, feel-good songs)
    My Inspiration/Motivation Song List🦋
  • Work tunes (clean & popular songs)
  • Top 20 favorite
  • Local/Underground faves
  • Oldies
  • Rap
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Right now!
  • Private
  • Listen later
Believe it or not, I have even more than that=]
I’ve done this for years, different accounts and different music apps. After you get used to it, it becomes second nature to save to this or that list. I end up with so many temporary lists like right now, now2, etc that I have to go through sorting and deleting at least once a week! Of course, that’s because I research a lot on YouTube.
So, if you love music like myself,could use an occasional mood boost or the perfect handpicked chill music at your disposable, and are open to tips and suggestions then what have you got to lose?
This was such a fun blog post to write…I’ve been thinking of doing it for a couple of weeks. Please let me know if you liked it, or what I could do to improve! Got dozens of playlists as well? Leave a comment and share your ideas!
Peace, Love and Harmony,

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