Overcoming negativity in the workplace! Episode 2.

So far, so ok. 

    Day 2 wasn’t bad at all.. A couple more ex-employees who didn’t know I was back, tons of guests that I didn’t realize really knew me or would be glad I was back.. so lots of hugs and love. The only downfall was being on the floor alone for two and a half hours. Which is ok..the tips were good, however the first hour it was just me and a new ‘shift manager’ who wasn’t trained to cook yet. On top of this there was a whole list of food items we were out of but unaware. I took the easy route to maintain positivity by saying”it’s only my second day back, I’m sorry but we’re trying to get this place running smooth,” and shaking my head. I’ve had enough of the feeling bad and apologizing when it’s not MY fault. That’s a surefire way to make no money in tips, I learned the hard way, eventually!

    Finally, the other scheduled server arrived (only 30 minutes late). I was flustered (no nicotine in a few hours does it every time), but it had cleared out pretty much and I only had 3 tables left. She looks at me like I’m a newbie for being a little (barely) stressed and says “are you new?”. I replied, “no, it’s actually been pretty busy.. I haven’t even had a chance to bus or clean tables!” When I snuck out back for a smoke, I counted my tips, and that’s how I knew it’d been busy, and I told her when I got back in, “told you I was busy, $37 in tips in 2 1/2 hours!,”       
which is pretty good for an early Thursday evening. It was going really good though and I told everyone so, while I tried to get all of my tables cleaned and stock everything in between more 
customers coming in. 

    So, all happy that my positivity hadn’t waned I let my guard down, and of course SOMETHING had to go sour. I guess maybe I was too happy, or maybe I shouldn’t have been said I’d made good tips? 


    The shift manager, whom I’d worked with (as a shift manager and her a server) a few times before I had quit, came to me with a ridiculous statement. She says, “you know there are two of you now, you guys need to rotate and take turns with your tables”. “Yeah, of course,” I responded.
“Well, she says you’re hogging tables.” she explained. 

Are you serious?? I wish she’d take more, I’d like to get caught up sometime I’ve only had one cigarette in hours (she’d had several, she was a manager...).”

Completely uninterested and uninvolved... “just telling you what she said”. “I understand, but look...” I pointed to my side, “1,2,3,4,5” then to her side, “1,2,3,4,5 and table two has been here an hour and a half, before she ever got here!”
    And here’s how it stayed ok: I simply laughed incredulously, shook it off, and continued having a great night. The next two tables that came in I directed to my coworkers side. When the third arrived I looked at her, and innocently and sweet asked her, “ I’m not sure, is it my turn or yours?” 

The point of recounting this restaurant dialogue and drama? NEGATIVITY -1 SERENITY +1

*This was written about a week ago. My website was down and I was under the weather.. unfortunately, when I did write it I kept getting interrupted, even though I specifically said.. ‘I’m trying to make a blog post and haven’t been writing much, and it’s almost time for work’. It’s funny how no matter what I’m doing, whatever story about work (told for the 20th time) paranoid ranting or insane analogy is always more important than me trying to do something I enjoy. This is why I enjoy my solitude these days. It took me a week to get it posted!! 


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