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Hello, Happiness Choosers!

I hope everyone is warm and well. It’s been a rough few weeks but things are beginning to calm down, I think! Working double shifts left and right is the biggest challenge, but hey the overtime sure does help when you decide to get a new place. It also comes in handy when you have a new startup charity organization that you solely fund. 

Things are going quite well on that front, albeit very slow. I’m only one person (regrettably, lol) and my physical self can no longer keep up with my mental self it seems. My mind says get up tomorrow morning and get some Peace Packs 

Underground Homeless initiative Peace Packs.

ready with the new supplies and go to distribute a couple of them, and check on client #2 ASAP he’s hungry! My back and my legs, along with the rest of my sore, tired body say are you crazy?! when the alarm goes off before noon. Granted, when you work a 10 or 11 hour shift (sometimes 14/15) and get off work at 3am... that’s only eight hours of sleep IF you wind can wind down and fall to sleep within an hour. 

I’m not complaining mind you. I’m grateful that I can work. It’s not even been three years since I was denied my disability (Thank God), and was taking 17 different daily medications. I imagine sometimes if I’d have won my disability case (which I should have). Would I be sitting around watching television, watching the clock and waiting for my next med dosage? Would I be just another forlorn, overweight woman..depressed, with nothing else to look forward to except the next Law and Order SVU episode? These thoughts send shudders down my spine.

 I’m not entirely sure how I finally came to terms with my chronic pain, I’m just glad I did. There are many good days, but there are many brutal days as well. Somehow, these days I handle my fibromyalgia, bulging discs, arthritis, etc. with positivity, strength to remember tomorrow is a better day, and a few things that help alleviate my pain without a doctors help or narcotics. Sometimes I use herbs to make a tea. Sometimes, I soak in the tub for two hours. I’ve tried my own pain relieving topical concoctions, and others, including CBD pain gel. 

Winter, cold weather and rainy/wet days all equal pain to me. It’s sometime I must live with until I finally convince my family to move to a warmer climate🌸. 

Anyway, I’m not sure why I decided to turn this into a rant.. my apologies 😱. 
The point is that giving up wasn’t for me. I’m glad that I was forced to walk (it made me lose weight and get into better shape), and I’m glad I’m working again. I’m happiest, however, that I’ve discovered hopes and dreams. I’m not working just to live paycheck to paycheck. I’m working towards goals and a better future. It makes all the difference in life. 

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