Be Yourself


    Just a friendly reminder to be yourself, at all costs. In the end you’ll be more content and joyous if you just let yourself out of the closet/box or wherever you’ve been hiding. 

As someone who’s suffered from anxiety her whole life, I KNOW it’s hard at first! However, there’s really no other way to accomplish a good start towards loving yourself enough to find your path and follow your dreams.
Be Yourself 

I too was stuck in the American Dream/Nightmare for 40 years. And I’m telling you... it’s time to wake up and smell the roses.

Learning to be myself!!~I’m a dork😆

Life’s way to short to try to live someone else’s version of what YOUR life should be. Even the most well-meaning folks don’t know what’s in your heart & soul enough to make these decisions for you. That’s your job!!

Be Yourself~Audioslave 

Peace, Love & Harmony,

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