I owe everything to the government!

I owe everything to the government! They saved my life!!

 If I hadn't been such a willing participant in the entire American Dream trap.. another mainstream self-indulgent, self medicated, workaholic type that the government loves so very much, maybe they wouldn't have tried so hard.
 I was a good little robot-slave, until they broke me. Imagine if they hadn't gotten so greedy, they would've given me my disability.. and I'd still be going along with their consumerism, drug-induced fog, and life is too hard, woe is me General Unhappiness & American Dream(nightmares).. Yeah, it's a dream alright. But then I woke up. 

What if?? Aaargh... can it! What if what? What if who cares? I'm good. Actually GOOD for the first time ever! I didn't whine and argue and then roll over and die!  I didn't go back to work right away either.. which is what they wanted. I went and brutally lost then found myself. Gave up their medications,  their doctors, television and all of their normalcy molds. 


Finally.. wow, this is nice. My life is great. I don't have any worries! I do what I want, when I want and make choices for MY benefit and future. I walk my divine path.. not deterring for anyone. Sure, there are ups and downs, but I'm going all the way, no looking back. No doubts, No Fears. I KNOW I can do whatever I want to do, with faith and perseverance. 

Anyhoo... just a friendly reminder to look around, make sure you're doing what's right for YOU! And... stop to smell the roses!🌹🥀🌷
Love and all Sincerity,

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