Gossip: A deadly Sin

                              February 10, 2019


the all-too common deadly sin

It’s suffocating our society
By: Serenity Mask

There are various reasons that I have surmised, which tend to make many people act fake.

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Once more..

I KNOW that Google Plus is closing and leaving Blogger on its own, but does that mean I have to deal with writing blogs, losing them and disappointing the very few readers I have? I should think not 😱


Well folks..

Here goes.. I’m struggling with my positivity now..
I lost my job, I need rent money and not finding another job fast enough. I KNOW it will all work out in the end, but I struggle with anxiety as you all know. 
Seasonal Depression on top of this has got me down. I’ve started a GoFund me, however I’ve only ever gotten one hit on my GoFund me for my Underground Homeless Initiative so we shall see.. 
Have a good day, 

My GoFund me...



Is life SCARY?

Yes.. of course life is intimidating at times.             EVERYONE’s! We aren’t born with all of the answers & then when we think we have started figuring things out, we get resistance from those all around us who (of course) have completely different ideas about life.