I want to write!

     I just want to write. Am I good at it? I think so, but thats only my opinion. Will people read what I have to say? Im not sure, but I'm going to write. I’m going to take a chance for myself and try to do something I love. 


     We take little gambles in life all of the time, usually something low risk.. no harm, no foul. As you know if you've ever bought scratch-offs tickets or been to a casino, the problem with only taking small bets, is that the payoff isn't going to be a fortune, if anything at all. 

     Now, don't get me wrong.. I know big gamblers often lose more than just their paycheck. It's like anything in life though.. it can be addictive. "Everything in moderation, do nothing to excess," my mom has always said. I agree. 


     Taking little losses here and there seems harmless, but it does make losing/failing a common occurrence. A winning attitude will get you much further in life. What if we never took small risks and only went after the sure thing? Would we then be more apt to follow through with our dreams and not give up? 

     A lot of us don’t have the courage to follow our hearts and go after big dreams, that will result in a better future. Is it fear of failure, or fear of success? I'm not sure. 

      For example: I had no idea if I'd be a good server. One day I just decided I wanted to a waitress. Turns out I was good at it..and I loved it for a while. And it wasn’t bad at that time. Now that I think about it, the same applies to when I became a CNA. Would I be able to handle it, would I enjoy it? I loved it and it was hard, but it was the most worthwhile job I've ever had. The same goes for many many other things in my life.

       Why haven’t I tried to be a writer? Because it doesn’t pay money right off the bat? Because there is no 90 day probationary period with evaluations to let me know how I’m doing? That’s sad. Very, very, sad.

   Our dreams are important. Doing something that we want to do is far more rewarding than working for someone else who had a dream, just to get money to live, while we put aside what we want to really do.  Don't get me wrong, working for others is necessary. Sometimes we don’t yet know what we want to do. Other times we know, but we need to learn more or save up funds to be able to realize these dreams. 

   The bottom line is this: too many of us are settling for these starter jobs rather than using them as stepping stones. If I want to hire someone to clean my house, I would not be satisfied if that became their whole purpose. Life is about discovery and growth. We don’t stop halfway up the stairs when we become tired or discouraged. We either struggle to the top, or turn around, return to the start, and retry again when we are ready. 

   If you enjoy working at the gas station, and it pleases you then by all means... work there, maybe that IS your Dream Job. However, if you dread getting up in the morning, and dream of for instance, cutting & styling hair, then make the transition. Work at the job, while you make progress towards your goals. 

   Don’t let the means to an and, become The End. 


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Choosing Happiness 101-The Basics🤗

Peace, Love and Harmony,



Door Dash... Does it really pay??

     Alot of people are asking me if I make money with DoorDash.The answer is.. 

    If you Hustle, then absolutely.  But, as an independent contractor.. you MUST stay on task and get after it. 

For Example, if you need to pay rent, and you are already late...

*Results not typical*
A good week delivering with DoorDash.
A REALLY good week delivering!


Religious? Umm... no.

Am I religious? Sorry... NO.

Spiritual, YES. 

I was raised to say my bedtime prayers. Occasionally, we said grace before a meal at the dinner table. We sporadically attended this church or that. Whichever one that sent a bus by to pick up children; or the one relatives would take us to...

Spring into the new you...

Hey there... Happy Choosers! 

      How are you? I'm doing great.. and its shaping up to be a fantastic 2019. Now, I know we shouldn't wish our time away but excuse me while I say C'mon Spring💕 

      I can't help it=] It's been a long, cruel Winter.
      Spring. Spring is the time for renewal. New beginnings. 


If it makes you happy...

 Ya know, Sheryl Crow sure was onto something with that song..

If it makes you HAPPY...

WHY the HELL are you so SAD? 

If you are really doing what you want, and living YOUR  true path... you wouldn't be so down & out, complaining constantly.

So, what's the issue? Get started.. there's no time like right freakin now!!!

And its definitely NEVER too late to begin living an authentic, more content life. YOUR LIFE!

Maybe I can help...

In fact, I know I can. Even if you are adamantly stubborn, and won't admit it.. the knowledge will stick with you until you are finally READY.


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Community Event for the Homeless/Indigent April 7th, 2019

Hey there Happy Choosers!

  There will be a Free Clothes Pantry on April 7th, for the KC Area, so if you know of any homeless/indigent people.. pass it on.

  There will also be a Hot Lunch provided, so we are asking for RSVPs as much as is feasible. I wouldn't want to make lunch for 75 and have 23 show up!


An excerpt from one of my answers on Quora.

I wanted to share this after I wrote it as an answer on Quora. It describes how I went from choosing UN-happiness.. sadly, to CHOOSING HAPPINESS🌸

As a pessimist, who's glass was damn near empty for 4 decades, I eventually turned it upside down, dumped the contents out and little by little made my cup runneth over..

The trees suddenly looked so magnificent! The shades of blue in the sky were breathtaking, the amazing fluffiness of the clouds bedazzled me.. those mesmerizing bird songs.. all new to me. I had been oblivious to the beauty all around me. I started pausing to smell the roses.. 
... and I refuse to look back! Looking back would only turn me into a bitter, salty pillar of unhappiness.

I am happy to report that I now receive bountiful blessings daily & I stop to count them. I chat with the geese; try to decipher the clouds remind myself that it's ok if the weather has been awful because tomorrow is another day with another season around the corner.

《《These are some of the first realizations you have when you make the CHOICE  to be happy.》》

Be well...


Menopause is making me crazy!


🎭Why is it that I (a semi-intelligent, well-read being) was so clueless & unprepared for this major, inevitable event in my life?!? I'm actually shocked to realize that the symptoms I've been experiencing are due to Menopause

🚨Ive been waiting a very long time for this.. yet hardly knew a fraction of the long list of problems it causes. After having a hysterectomy at age 24, doctors said I could expect the dreaded M.. 🌡experience anytime from then on.. as early Menopause can be a result of certain procedures. 

All I can say is, 

The HORROR!! somebody should have said something! Why didn't anyone warn me?!? 


🌺Well, of  course the answer to that is because so many topics were taboo for women until recently. I remember sitting in the back field out in Cali, at Pinacate middle school, during Gym Class freaking out. I'm dying, I thought. Maybe I put the tampon in wrong...

  🌼I had no clue about my body, the changes, mood swings, or period cramps. Now, I know that my mother, sister, daughter & I all experience(d) severe menstrual cramping. The  kind that make you have to call in to work/school and lay in bed with ice or a heating pad, whining; bloated & miserable. 

🥀《《 Luckily, a good soul walked back to check on me that day. She was kind and so non-judgemental for a junior high school student. I thank GOD for that. With my extreme shyness and social anxiety, I wasn't about to say a word to anybody about my concerns. 》》

Build our youth up for the future.

😇That amazing girl from gym class immediately suspected cramps; she was patient enough to extract the facts from me, assuring me next, that I didn't insert anything improperly; and that the cramping was completely normal. 

🤫See, modesty and shyness with embarrassment was common among millions of women while growing up, for decades.
🤷‍♀️I was one of them. I was only 12 years of age, when I  started my period. I simply looked under the sink, grabbed what was available to me (OB without applicator..ugh) and followed the directions. 
📚Growing up, I was one of those nerdy people that picks up anything within reach and proceeds to read the instructions or ingredients written on anything & everything (cereal boxes, shampoo, you name it).
💡So, as a result... I was familiar with the various health/beauty products. I'm still not sure to this day if my mom ever noticed that her monthly supplies were running out sooner than usual; or knew why. 
 ☺I never spoke about shaving either.. when I noticed other girls were doing it, or overheard someone say something to another person about armpit hair... I guess thats when I started that fun routine. I don't remember. I do remember being about 13 then.

😱Believe this, or not.. it gets worse🤐. When I became pregnant at 16... you guessed it, I was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell a soul. I was 7 months pregnant before my mom finally put 2 and 2 together. By that time I'd already thought long and hard about it and decided that a baby deserved better.. way better, and quite frankly no child could/would thrive in my current situation. 
I wasn't..

👼So I worked with a San Diego adoption agency & gave the gift of life to a wonderful couple who were willing and ready to spoil a beautiful baby girl🥀.

The moral of the story? 

😱The HORROR! The nonsense of it all.. the wolves probably teach their daughters better. 
But Why! Stop the madness and educate, inform & arm the children with the knowledge and tools to succeed with a strong support system. I felt alone and scared.. yet, that was the way generations before me had been taught to deal with personal feminine nuances. 🙈🙉🙊Hush..we suffer in silence. We mustn't discuss intimate things.
🙄Today, we have to fight to keep the assuage of misguided and premature facts of life from even the really young ones. Its went from one extreme to the other.
😌 Instead of allowing the 'WORLD' to influence and distort the information, we must be the TEACHERS, the LEADERS, the INFLUENCERS, and the SUPPORT our children need in order to break the cycles. 
😂Now, excuse my outburts.. the mood swings ya know! And I apologize for the lengthy personal reflections; I tend to get carried away. 
I managed to (without too much shyness) Vlog about the symptoms here: 

The HORRORS of menopause!
Click to watch my Youtube Video..

👉Please excuse the filters and shyness.. I'm still trying to overcome my awkwardness and  social anxiety issues. I've came a long way, but selfies and videos are not my thing! I'm baby babystepping though: little by little its getting easier!
🤞Soon.. I'll be ready to show my sassy, sarcastic self more on  video. I know that most people watch rather than read their information these days. 

🎁Thanks for reading!! Remember to educate, and be supportive of our youth... they face hard times. 

~All love, 

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