An excerpt from one of my answers on Quora.

I wanted to share this after I wrote it as an answer on Quora. It describes how I went from choosing UN-happiness.. sadly, to CHOOSING HAPPINESS🌸

As a pessimist, who's glass was damn near empty for 4 decades, I eventually turned it upside down, dumped the contents out and little by little made my cup runneth over..

The trees suddenly looked so magnificent! The shades of blue in the sky were breathtaking, the amazing fluffiness of the clouds bedazzled me.. those mesmerizing bird songs.. all new to me. I had been oblivious to the beauty all around me. I started pausing to smell the roses.. 
... and I refuse to look back! Looking back would only turn me into a bitter, salty pillar of unhappiness.

I am happy to report that I now receive bountiful blessings daily & I stop to count them. I chat with the geese; try to decipher the clouds remind myself that it's ok if the weather has been awful because tomorrow is another day with another season around the corner.

《《These are some of the first realizations you have when you make the CHOICE  to be happy.》》

Be well...

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