Door Dash... Does it really pay??

     Alot of people are asking me if I make money with DoorDash.The answer is.. 

    If you Hustle, then absolutely.  But, as an independent contractor.. you MUST stay on task and get after it. 

For Example, if you need to pay rent, and you are already late...

*Results not typical*
A good week delivering with DoorDash.
A REALLY good week delivering!

Then there are the slow weeks.. 

Monday and Tuesday were horribly slow. I sat at home (I'm not far from a hotspot) and got an order every few hours. 

A slow week with doordash.
A slow week...
Today, (Wednesday) I had the joy of experiencing a wrong address for a restaurant, which took an hour of my time & 18+ miles...unpaid.

I'm going to have to step it up the rest of the week just to get by.. and that's the beauty of it. I can slack off, and then turn it all around on the weekend if I'd like. 

There is the option to work pedal to the medal Monday through Friday and have the weekend off. You are the boss, you have the right to refuse any trip. If you oversleep, then no biggie... just check the app when you get up (if you scheduled ahead) & either start the dash, or decide to dash later. 

Overall, I would and do encourage my friends & family to definitely try it out if they need the extra cash, or a job change. 

If you'd like to give it a shot, here's the link: 
Sign up to dash!
 Become a DoorDash driver! Earn up to $25/hour and get a $100 bonus after 200 deliveries in 60 days for signing up here:
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