I want to write!

     I just want to write. Am I good at it? I think so, but thats only my opinion. Will people read what I have to say? Im not sure, but I'm going to write. I’m going to take a chance for myself and try to do something I love. 


     We take little gambles in life all of the time, usually something low risk.. no harm, no foul. As you know if you've ever bought scratch-offs tickets or been to a casino, the problem with only taking small bets, is that the payoff isn't going to be a fortune, if anything at all. 

     Now, don't get me wrong.. I know big gamblers often lose more than just their paycheck. It's like anything in life though.. it can be addictive. "Everything in moderation, do nothing to excess," my mom has always said. I agree. 


     Taking little losses here and there seems harmless, but it does make losing/failing a common occurrence. A winning attitude will get you much further in life. What if we never took small risks and only went after the sure thing? Would we then be more apt to follow through with our dreams and not give up? 

     A lot of us don’t have the courage to follow our hearts and go after big dreams, that will result in a better future. Is it fear of failure, or fear of success? I'm not sure. 

      For example: I had no idea if I'd be a good server. One day I just decided I wanted to a waitress. Turns out I was good at it..and I loved it for a while. And it wasn’t bad at that time. Now that I think about it, the same applies to when I became a CNA. Would I be able to handle it, would I enjoy it? I loved it and it was hard, but it was the most worthwhile job I've ever had. The same goes for many many other things in my life.

       Why haven’t I tried to be a writer? Because it doesn’t pay money right off the bat? Because there is no 90 day probationary period with evaluations to let me know how I’m doing? That’s sad. Very, very, sad.

   Our dreams are important. Doing something that we want to do is far more rewarding than working for someone else who had a dream, just to get money to live, while we put aside what we want to really do.  Don't get me wrong, working for others is necessary. Sometimes we don’t yet know what we want to do. Other times we know, but we need to learn more or save up funds to be able to realize these dreams. 

   The bottom line is this: too many of us are settling for these starter jobs rather than using them as stepping stones. If I want to hire someone to clean my house, I would not be satisfied if that became their whole purpose. Life is about discovery and growth. We don’t stop halfway up the stairs when we become tired or discouraged. We either struggle to the top, or turn around, return to the start, and retry again when we are ready. 

   If you enjoy working at the gas station, and it pleases you then by all means... work there, maybe that IS your Dream Job. However, if you dread getting up in the morning, and dream of for instance, cutting & styling hair, then make the transition. Work at the job, while you make progress towards your goals. 

   Don’t let the means to an and, become The End. 


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Peace, Love and Harmony,


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