Menopause is making me crazy!


🎭Why is it that I (a semi-intelligent, well-read being) was so clueless & unprepared for this major, inevitable event in my life?!? I'm actually shocked to realize that the symptoms I've been experiencing are due to Menopause

🚨Ive been waiting a very long time for this.. yet hardly knew a fraction of the long list of problems it causes. After having a hysterectomy at age 24, doctors said I could expect the dreaded M.. 🌡experience anytime from then on.. as early Menopause can be a result of certain procedures. 

All I can say is, 

The HORROR!! somebody should have said something! Why didn't anyone warn me?!?

🌺Well, of  course the answer to that is because so many topics were taboo for women until recently. I remember sitting in the back field out in Cali, at Pinacate middle school, during Gym Class freaking out. I'm dying, I thought. Maybe I put the tampon in wrong...

  🌼I had no clue about my body, the changes, mood swings, or period cramps. Now, I know that my mother, sister, daughter & I all experience(d) severe menstrual cramping. The  kind that make you have to call in to work/school and lay in bed with ice or a heating pad, whining; bloated & miserable. 

🥀《《 Luckily, a good soul walked back to check on me that day. She was kind and so non-judgemental for a junior high school student. I thank GOD for that. With my extreme shyness and social anxiety, I wasn't about to say a word to anybody about my concerns. 》》
Build our youth up for the future.

😇That amazing girl from gym class immediately suspected cramps; she was patient enough to extract the facts from me, assuring me next, that I didn't insert anything improperly; and that the cramping was completely normal. 

🤫See, modesty and shyness with embarrassment was common among millions of women while growing up, for decades.
🤷‍♀️I was one of them. I was only 12 years of age, when I  started my period. I simply looked under the sink, grabbed what was available to me (OB without applicator..ugh) and followed the directions. 
📚Growing up, I was one of those nerdy people that picks up anything within reach and proceeds to read the instructions or ingredients written on anything & everything (cereal boxes, shampoo, you name it).
💡So, as a result... I was familiar with the various health/beauty products. I'm still not sure to this day if my mom ever noticed that her monthly supplies were running out sooner than usual; or knew why. 
 ☺I never spoke about shaving either.. when I noticed other girls were doing it, or overheard someone say something to another person about armpit hair... I guess thats when I started that fun routine. I don't remember. I do remember being about 13 then.

😱Believe this, or not.. it gets worse🤐. When I became pregnant at 16... you guessed it, I was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell a soul. I was 7 months pregnant before my mom finally put 2 and 2 together. By that time I'd already thought long and hard about it and decided that a baby deserved better.. way better, and quite frankly no child could/would thrive in my current situation. 
I wasn't..

👼So I worked with a San Diego adoption agency & gave the gift of life to a wonderful couple who were willing and ready to spoil a beautiful baby girl🥀.

The moral of the story? 

😱The HORROR! The nonsense of it all.. the wolves probably teach their daughters better. 
But Why! Stop the madness and educate, inform & arm the children with the knowledge and tools to succeed with a strong support system. I felt alone and scared.. yet, that was the way generations before me had been taught to deal with personal feminine nuances. 🙈🙉🙊Hush..we suffer in silence. We mustn't discuss intimate things.
🙄Today, we have to fight to keep the assuage of misguided and premature facts of life from even the really young ones. Its went from one extreme to the other.
😌 Instead of allowing the 'WORLD' to influence and distort the information, we must be the TEACHERS, the LEADERS, the INFLUENCERS, and the SUPPORT our children need in order to break the cycles. 
😂Now, excuse my outburts.. the mood swings ya know! And I apologize for the lengthy personal reflections; I tend to get carried away. 
I managed to (without too much shyness) Vlog about the symptoms here: 

The HORRORS of menopause!
Click to watch my Youtube Video..

👉Please excuse the filters and shyness.. I'm still trying to overcome my awkwardness and  social anxiety issues. I've came a long way, but selfies and videos are not my thing! I'm baby babystepping though: little by little its getting easier!
🤞Soon.. I'll be ready to show my sassy, sarcastic self more on  video. I know that most people watch rather than read their information these days. 

🎁Thanks for reading!! Remember to educate, and be supportive of our youth... they face hard times. 

~All love, 

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