Updates!! SerenityUnMasked, etc.

Hello, hope everyone is well!

I just have a few updates. I’ve bought a new dotcom: Unfortunately, I’ve already ran into some kinks. Google is being a butthead again lately.. that’s always a joy. 

I started writing on Medium last week. Here’s a link to my profile: Serenity's Medium Link

Other than that I’ve been working hard at work and at home, so I’m exhausted! Please check out my Medium stories, stayed tuned for my upcoming book, and website. I had to postpone my e-course for the time being until I get home WiFi for my new laptop. Sorry 😓. 

I love Springtime though, so I’m feeling great! 

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, stay safe and stay true to yourselves🌼. 




The END of the WORLD as I knew it...

Yep.. that's the title of my upcoming book😉 .

Needless to say, I'm very excited!! I've been working on this for months, and I expect to be finished by August. It's not fiction, it's not entirely autobiographical, and it's not an actual self-help book. It's a real life handbook, based on my crazy experiences and a little bit of 'doomsday' planning. All wrapped up in a neat little e-book just for my readers💚. 

I hope you are interested, because I've put everything I had into this one:) 



I love Springtime 🌺

     I'm so happy, cause today I found my friends, they're in my head. Just kidding!!! 

Im so happy, because I have just reached 10,000 words written in my upcoming book. The table of contents, chapters, outlines are finished as well! It's just the writing and finalizing the ideas that I'm currently working on. It's non-fiction, so I'm not shooting for novel length. 24,000 words is the approximate length I'm shooting for, and considering the time it took to figure out the concept, finalize the proposed chapters and outline the concepts... I'm basically halfway done💚.

      I've always wanted to write a book and have probably started a dozen times. It never clicked though. After writing poetry since I was a kid, and quite a few short stories, I thought you could just decide to write and do it. Not true. I couldn't ever get into it or commit to anything I randomly started. I had to be inspired 🌺. 

      When I started this book I had an idea, a plan, and was excited about what I had to present to others. It was completely different than simply wanting to write a book. I HAVE to write this book! I'm obsessed with this book. 

      I cannot wait to see what people say, whether they like it or not, and if anyone will be inspired by what I have to say. I hope so! 

      Thanks for stopping by! 



Update on Everything..


     I know, I've been gone for a while. I'm sorry, I started a new job. Things are going pretty good. I am working on all of my stuff still, but my phone has been off. My choosing Choosing Happiness course is 95% ready to launch and I will be announcing the details asap! 

      I've been writing my book almost daily. Not having phone service has helped with that immensely. It's coming along fantastically with over 5000 words already 🤗.

      The biggest thing on my mind right now is what to call my new dotcom. I'm going to keep this site for my personal blog, but I'd like top start a site strictly for professional endeavors, such as promoting my book and maybe opening a store. 

      Anyway, just wanted to check in with whomever might happen to stop by here, even though I haven't been doing much with the site. Stay tuned for news about the course and my upcoming book🌺.

Peace, Love, & Harmony..

~Serenity 💚