Update on Everything..


     I know, I've been gone for a while. I'm sorry, I started a new job. Things are going pretty good. I am working on all of my stuff still, but my phone has been off. My choosing Choosing Happiness course is 95% ready to launch and I will be announcing the details asap! 

      I've been writing my book almost daily. Not having phone service has helped with that immensely. It's coming along fantastically with over 5000 words already 🤗.

      The biggest thing on my mind right now is what to call my new dotcom. I'm going to keep this site for my personal blog, but I'd like top start a site strictly for professional endeavors, such as promoting my book and maybe opening a store. 

      Anyway, just wanted to check in with whomever might happen to stop by here, even though I haven't been doing much with the site. Stay tuned for news about the course and my upcoming book🌺.

Peace, Love, & Harmony..

~Serenity 💚

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