Choosing Happiness:The Course is available now!!

Choosing Happiness 
Blue Springs, Mo. 

Choosing Happiness: The Course 
August,  2019

Course Outline: 

6 Phases

1. Forgiveness of Self 

2. Forgiveness of Others 

3. Practicing Positivity & Deflecting Negativity 

4. Acceptance & Loving oneself 

5. Acceptance & Loving Everyone else.

6. Discovering Your TRUE PATH!

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The Loneliness and Wonders of Single Life.

I’m not really lonely. But, it seems my eye has begun to wander. The very thing of it is, I’ve never had it wander so frequently. Never before have I met so many eligible bachelors😝. Maybe it is some type of like attracts like situation. I’ve always been awkward. There’s been self-esteem issues for as long as I can remember. And I wasn’t a happy person; certainly not a very positive being. In fact, quite the opposite. I would sit and dwell on those things that COULD go wrong. 


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   Millions do, why not you? You’ve got something to say.. but no time, right? Work dragging you down? Well, you’ve got to start whittling away at making a dream come true, while you earn your way. The thing IS, if you start making little deposits on your  future..(I call it seed money) then sooner, rather than later, you’ll  wake up one day and notice little SPROUTS! That day, my friends, will be one of the bests days of your life. Nothing Is more beautiful then a shiny glimmer of excitement for the realization that soon, you’ll be living your BEST LIFE. !

      Now, doing that Is going to take a hundred little steps and Its going to take dedication. And only you know which route to take for your path.



10 things nobody wants to come out & say..
10 things nobody wants to come out and say 

Ten things nobody wants to come out and say. 

How to live your best life! 

Yes.. you read the pic right!

I’m going to show you some tough love. This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you, but someday you just may thank me for it.
Enough with the kind tidbits of advice, hoping someone will pay attention to it someday and the world will be a better place… blah, blah, blah!
I’m going to just put it all out there, and you may hate me, but I’ll feel much better getting it off of my chest.