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   Millions do, why not you? You’ve got something to say.. but no time, right? Work dragging you down? Well, you’ve got to start whittling away at making a dream come true, while you earn your way. The thing IS, if you start making little deposits on your  future..(I call it seed money) then sooner, rather than later, you’ll  wake up one day and notice little SPROUTS! That day, my friends, will be one of the bests days of your life. Nothing Is more beautiful then a shiny glimmer of excitement for the realization that soon, you’ll be living your BEST LIFE. !

      Now, doing that Is going to take a hundred little steps and Its going to take dedication. And only you know which route to take for your path.

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Affiliate Marketing 

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Honestly, Ive already been looking into this type of thing for at least a year, off and on. In fact, why don’t I just make a list of facts.
Don’t expect to make any money for the first year, even if you think you’re putting in way more time than anyone else. (I’ve put in the time, trust me).
Don’t think you’re not going to have to learn and that you won’t make mistakes! (It’s taken me a lot of time, patience and mistakes to know what I know now.)
Do realize that there is an end in sight, just be persistent!
Do know that what works for one, probably won’t work for the next. Every situation is unique.

Anyways, have a great day… and remember! Quit quitting your dreams. Get started!! 



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