Soap making!

Soap Making

Laundry and Bar soaps
Grating a bar of Pink Zote for the Laundry Soap

Today, I’ve been working on making a batch of laundry soap and my own bar soap. I’m making decorative soaps to sell at the swap and shop, as well as making extra to donate to a local organization that helps KC area houseless. More info later. 

Here is a picture of the soap molding process:
Using soap molds

I used goats milk pour soap. I added avocado seed shavings, scented essential oils, and then later tried a little bit of powdered turmeric for color. I also added a little bit of Pennyroyal leaf to help with keeping the insects away! 

More pics of soap molding process:

I also made a batch of laundry soap.I used Pink Zote, Arm & Hammer washing powder, and Borax detergent booster. I used essential oils for scent and a pinch of Pennyroyal to repel bugs.

I've made the laundry soap a few times now, it's pretty easy. This was my first time making soap bars and I was surprised at how east that was as well. In fact, it was kind of fun and so neat to see the finished project! I think I'll be experimenting more with it for sure.

Have a fabulous day!

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