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I have a pain relief salve/paste that works great! It’s all-natural, and contains turmeric and dmso.
Pain Salve

New All-Natural, Beauty Products
So Naturally Healthy you COULD drink it!! (Yech).. but I wouldn't recommend it🤣
Stay tuned for the videos & info 

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I’m selling my own Shampoo;)
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Aka:Shampoo Smoothies!

I've finally formulated my new shampoo! After so many shampoo trials (I'm kinda picky) I've found a winner😊 I'm making a video and then I'll write a blog about it... so, patience please:) I work so much right now, but I KNOW my hard work is going to pay off. 

Don’t want to use leaves or powders? Learn how to make tinctures here:

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All about Blackberry

Info about NONI: a Super Fruit, and it’s benefits 🌸

NONI: a super food


#BackToBasics #1 Super Smoothie

1\4 tsp. Alfalfa leaf powder
1\4 tsp. BlackBerry leaf powder
1\4 tsp. Rosemary leaf powder
1\2 tsp. Turmeric
1\2 cup organic coconut milk
1\2 cup water
Drink 1 or 2 Glasses per day.
*Add raw organic honey to sweeten if desired.

Serenitys World 🌎Simply Living #HerbalExperiments

Coming soon:

#Top10 benefits:

 I will give a detailed list of uses for each Herb I use\try. 

Back to Basics
1 cup basic conditioning lotion.

10 drops Pennyroyal oil
4 drops eucalyptus oil
4 drops lemongrass oil
Mix together.
Rub lotion into skin.
Please leave a review and pictures of your finished product!

This page is for posting pics, videos, etc. about the various home solutions I am/will be working on.

Some of the herbs I'll be using :)
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Some of the herbs & supplies for my home

The video [not edited yet] of my first laundry soap project. I've been saving containers, and I'm planning on distributing homemade laundry soap, shampoo, dish soaps, etc. to the homeless when I get transportation.
Tomorrow, since I'm off work, I'll make attempt my first batch of conditioning shampoo=]Learn here

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