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Some of my Local Show souvenirs 😌
KC Music Souvenirs

How about some pics from some shows?

Here's one of my friends Eric 'E the Hustler' Constant. He's an awesome guy, with who flows out wisdom.
E the Hustler

Okay... I've got one of Jonathan Haslar from my favorite KC Metal band:Into Existence!
Into Existence 

Here in Blue Springs there are two local shops that I love!
Necessities ConsignmentClick here to go to the website

Accessorize Yourself Click here to visit website

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My Nephew  Andrew 💜

Into Existence!
My favorite Metal out of KCMO!

E the Hustler!
My favorite Rapper from Indep. Mo!

Dez Looca!
My favorite artist out of Seattle!

Another fantastic Local Metal band,
Dreams in Peril =]
Another fantastic Local Metal band =]


I have so many pics & videos to go thru for this page!

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