Local\Underground Music

A screenshot of my new Google Playlist, featuring some of my favorite undergroundartists!

I have so many pics & videos to go thru for this page!

     The thing is, it's all happening so fast that I have news & pics for all of ChoosingHappiness pages & social media sites, however, since I'm still all alone waiting for someone to actually:
A. notice me at all
B. Have the drive & desire to jump outta the box, far away from the comfort zone & wake the hell up. Can I get a witness? An ally? At least a YesMan, who can answer a couple of emails or take on minimal tasks without expecting me to alter me, myself or I in return πŸ˜…
Really, I can compensate real efforts to assist, more and more as things go as planned.
C. comprehend the amount of things I've had going on in my head and planning, simultaneously for a long while. And also realize why I have creative/final say in all aspects of these initiatives [it would take years to illuminate all the  projects and their multifaceted aspects as I've envisioned...] That was a little dramatic, but hey. It's my world, (just kidding) it's SerenitysWorld. You'd have to see it, fully, to be able to get it.  
D. (1)Have an aha! movement, realizing that I've never been a shit-talker; never had any unrealistic 'PipeDreams'; and that I've been reading, writing, researching, and figuring things out non-stop, probably since I was a fetus!
(2) Discover that maybe, Billie's been following a purposeful, amazing, and educational path for just as many years as y'all thought I was 'losing' it. And, maybe, for all the judgements and hypocritical ostracizing, there was an undercover philosophical and/or theological internal quest and debate going on!

     It's a Cutthroat, every man/clan for himself existence these days! I'm just over here being happier, healthier, and fundamentally centered and at peace with my whole existence.
     Albeit, it can get lonesome when the pack throws you out for wanting to be different. For having big ideas, and a noncomformost attitude....But, Hey! Isn't that all everyone obsesses about lately? Wanting freedom? Needing Serenity? Ok...
NOW, are you really SURE, that I'm the 'crazy' oneπŸ™„

Now I'll have the perfect spot to post all of the pics & info about the shows=]